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Church Activities


The Pathfinder Club traveled to Gem State Adventist Academy in February and participated in the Pinewood Derby. 


Within the Salmon Club Gregory (front left) placed first, his brother, Jacob (second from left) placed second, and Carson (right) placed third.

April 4, 2022 - Ground breaking ceremony for the new parsonage located beside the Dorcas Community Service Building and next to the Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School in Salmon, Idaho.

Youth Salmon River Float Trip


Betty Axtell and Polly Baraton tend their China booth at the International Food Festival held as a fund-raiser for the Salmon Seventh-day Adventist church parsonage.


Charity White prepares her table for the Phillipine cuisine she prepared for the International Food Festival.


Lisa and Diane chat with a foodie at their India booth during the International Food Fair.


Church ladies celebrate Roberta Goodman's 90th birthday with a party at her house.